Highrise Digital mentoring programme

This time last year I decided that I fancied learning web development as a new creative outlet, as I like a challenge and I like to keep evolving. The career potential of working in this field is a huge bonus because my public sector job is rewarding, but may well not exist in the not too distant future!

I met Keith at CodeHarbour just before it disbanded – a real shame for me because it seemed like an inspiring and supportive thing. I certainly jump at this opportunity to gain such an awesome mentor! 

Getting into this field, with so much to learn from scratch, is quite daunting and sometimes overwhelming. I’ve been plugging away in my spare time but admittedly not getting my hands on actual code enough. I have just basic familiarity with HTML and CSS, and I have been playing around a bit with WordPress using the Genesis framework. I have a blog site of my own built on this – just using a child theme out of the box, no real modifications yet – and I am about to build an e-commerce/portfolio site for an illustrator friend of mine. I use Treehouse as a learning resource.

I definitely could use some guidance on WordPress theme structures and PHP, and I haven’t even touched JS yet. Most of all I think it would just be very helpful to have a kind of dialogue with some pros in this field, to help keep me focussed and motivated.

I reckon I’ve got a few skills to bring to the table, or at least some strong potential. I have a good eye for design, I like writing, I communicate well in person, I’m thorough and methodical. I also work just 3 shifts per week now, so I have a good amount of time to dedicate to learning web dev. As such I’d be totally open to committing to a more involved work-experience type scenario down the line, if you think that could serve you as much as it would me. 

I’d be grateful for any help, however small, so please consider including me in this programme.

All the best, Dan.

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