Van Houten’s Pocket Atlas Containing Twenty Loose Maps.




Van Houten.




[n.d. c.1910]

Item Description

4 x 3.5 inches. 20 map cards with 'Van Houten's Cocoa used all over the world and highly appreciated by all' and area and descriptive statistics on verso. Map cards in original printed card folder. Extremities a little worn but maps in very good condition. Continent and country maps in full colour. Handy map cards of the world showing the continents and the individual European countries and regions with statistical information on the reverse. Given away as advertising material for the Dutch Van Houten cocoa company. The Van Houten family originally of Amsterdam, developed the method of making cocoa powder water soluble. The factory in Weesp was closed in 1971 but the Van Houten Brand name is still in use. From the national boundaries shown it may be dated to 1909-13, after the Annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Austria-Hungary crisis, 1908-09 and before the Treaty of London of 1913 ending the First Balkan War. A very scarce item, the only library copies recorded are in the British Library and the Newberry Library, Chicago.

[Stock No. 26303]

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