Port Sunlight Advertisement Ephemera Album



Port Sunlight


1880s - 1960s

Item Description

A large collection of advertising showcards, inserts and sundry novelty materials preserved within a folio, 14inches by 11.5 inches album. Documenting the history of Lever Brothers products, particularly Sunlight Soap, Monkey Brand Soap, Life Buoy Soap, Lux Washing Powder, Pantol Soap, Omo Cleaning Powder, Vim Cleaning Powder. Illustrating the extraordinary diversity of their advertising genius. Often printed in bright chromalithography with several colours with moving flaps and doors that open to reveal product information. There are also a selection of approximately 20 postcards of Port Sunlight itself, and its institutions, as well as a multipage brochure-come-guide to Port Sunlight and its people. Ordered in almost complete chronological sequence until Persil and Surf Washing Powders from the 1960s by which time it had become Unilever. The many ephemeral items are in exceptionally good condition. Very bright and uncreased. An extraordinarily diverse collection of attractive advertising material reflecting the attitudes of the times at which they were produced, and the incredible inventiveness of the advertising department at Port Sunlight. A lot of what was considered "normal" and even "funny" would today be considered sexist, racist and inappropriate. A considerable number of famous artists were commissioned: Will Owen; Lawson Wood; John Hassall - all of whom produced very stylised images instantly recognisable by the people of the day. Many of these images were used on posters and on the sides of buildings as seen in Victorian postcards of street scenes, and Edwardian photographs.

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