Petitions To The Commissioners Of Sewers For East Kent..


The three sheets show signs of old folds with some minor splits and pinholes at the top left corner. There is some water staining that predates the writing of the document, as the ink is unaffected, otherwise clean with the exception of one quarter of the blank verso of page 5 that forms the external surface when folded, this being grubby and dusty from handling and storage.




Item Description

Folio manuscript, 10 x 16 inches, comprising three sheets of watermarked laid paper (1831), folded in half across the width and then folded again, written in ink in a neat hand, comprising official copies of five petitions to the Commissioners of Sewers, with various dates between October 1830 and June 1832, repesenting the dates of the sittings of Commissioners. The petitions were recorded consecutively on the three sheets with a solid line drawn between each.


The five petitions involve, respectively, [1] Charles Culmer, landowner in the valleys of Preston and Deerson, supported by Carr Culmer, John Addley, Charles Delmar, John Presser, George Culmer, Thos. A Champion, William Robinson, Edward Slater Sen., George Knight, Sam. Elgar Toomer, and James Dowker, requesting appointment as Expenditor for the said valleys, in succession to George Culmer. [2] George Culmer, petitioning for discharge from his responsibilities as Expenditor of the previously mentioned valleys. [3] Edward Gibbons, expenditor of the valley of Minster, supported by George Harman, John Paramour and Mr Pett, petitioning the rebuilding of a freshwater sluice. [4] Edward Curling, Expenditor of the valley of Seasalter, supported by Edward Stone, Mr. Tapsell, Leonard Apsley, Austin Neame and Giles Hilton, petitioning for casting and cleansing of the dike between Neame's Horse Bridge and Graveney Stream. [5] John Bell, landowner in the valley of Chartham, on behalf of himself, Edward Darell and other landowners, petitioning for the Main River [Stour], from Horton Bridge below Chartham, and for 'a considerable distance' to be cast and cleansed to relieve flooding in the adjacent fields. Also to reroute the river through a cut of about 550 yards to improve the flow and reduce the cleansing necessary. An interesting document, giving much information about the landowners and their involvement in maintaining the sewers and waterways

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