Original Watercolour..


In fine condition.





By an unknown artist. titled and dated 'folkestone 1832.'

Item Description

Watercolour, 8 x11 inches, mounted in acid-free conservation board and framed in plain light oak with Ultravue low-reflective conservation glass.




From the collection of Folkestone historian Dr. C.H. Bishop, via the collection of another Folkestone historian, the late Mrs. Ann Nevill.


An interesting view from the east of the harbour, near Copt Point. Depicted at low tide, the serious silting of the harbour is clearly shown in this view. A solitary figure is seated on what is now the Sunny Sands beach. Beyond is the East Arm or Mole and further off the the Bayle church and houses. Masts and sails can be seen along with buildings on and behind the Stade. A fishing boat waits off the harbour and a smaller craft is sailing further inshore. The scene is depicted in the early evening with a yellow sky, and purpling clouds, lit from below by the setting sun.
An inscription, in Dr. Bishop's hand and preserved on the back of the frame, states: 'View of Folkestone Harbour from the Copt Rocks. It shows the sand bank or bar blocking the harbour mouth.'

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