[invoice]. Wrake’s Fly Vans,.


A few small holes punched in centre; a very good copy.







For luggage only. from the old established office, high street, chatham, daily at 5 o'clock.
[with manuscript entries]: mr. crampton [?] janry. 7/46 carriage of horse from canty. 3s. paid out 1.12.8. 1.15.8.

Item Description

4.5 x 5.75 inches. Single sheet printed bill with manuscript entries


Stephen Wrake (possibly 1794-1861) was the proprietor of a carrier's business which operated between the Crown and Thistle, High Street, Chatham, the King's Head, Borough (Southwark) and the George and Dragon, High Street, Canterbury, with onward connections to the coast. Wrake operated both the light covered fly vans which could leave Chatham at five in time for goods to reach the London markets early, and also the heavier and slower stage wagons. The business would have reached its apogee by the 1830s and 40s before the extension of the rail network began to affect the long distance road transport industry. The short distance carriers, serving rural areas, continued to flourish for much longer. The 1878 Post Office Directory for Kent lists around thirty five carriers connecting nearby towns and villages to Canterbury.

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