Document 1. 1643 feoffment of water mill at newington-next-hythe, with all its outbuildings, etc. by john page to robert fukes, miller of brabourne, for the sum of three score and six pounds. in 1701 endorsed:'no livery and seizin endorsed in the deed nor no receipt for the said money.' principal signatory: john page document 2. 1691 mortgage of water mill to richard fukes, miller at newington-next-hythe, by claudius chard, 'chirurgeon' of the town and port of hythe for ?40. endorsed 1701. principal signatory: rich. fukes. document 3. 1692 exchange of lands and property between richard fukes of newington-next-hythe, miller and thomas cooper of braborne, miller, fukes receiving 'free and liberal exchange,' property in the parishes of 'sellenge' and monks horton for the mill at newington. principal signatory: rich. fukes. document 4. 1695 mortgage assignment of thomas cooper, miller of newington-next-hythe and john oddon of the parish of cheriton to ann heyman of the town of wye for the sum of ?30. endorsed receipt of ?30 by john oddon of ann heyman, and payments received of thomas cooper, presumably still practising as the miller, (two of ?1.16 shillings and two of 18 shillings), 1696/97-1697-1698. claudius chard, the hythe surgeon appears to have assigned his mortgage of ?40 on the mill to john oddon of cheriton. principal signatories: thomas cooper and john oddon his mark. document 5. 1699 mortgage assignment of ann heyman for the mortgage of thomas cooper, miller of newington to william rolfe, yeoman of newington for ?30. endorsed with receipts of ann heyman for ?30 from william rolfe and from thomas cooper for the sum of ?10. principal signatories: ann heyman and thomas cooper. document 6. 1713 conveyance of newington mill by mary cooper, and her sons, his heirs (by the custom of gavelkind, or partible inheritance),thomas cooper of folkestone, husbandman, john cooper of cheriton, blacksmith, and joseph cooper of newington, husbandman, grant and sell the mill to john caistor of cheriton for the sum of ?116.4s. endorsed with receipt for this amount from john caistor, attested by the four members of the cooper family. principal signatories: marks or partial initials of the four coopers.

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Six manuscripts. 24.5 x 17.75; 26.75 x 12.5 ; 27 x 23.75; 27 x 22.75; 27 x 21.75; 24 x 17.25 inches. Vellum documents with opening decorative flourishes (one including royal arms) and four with seals attached (one detached seal). All endorsed on verso with signatures of witnesses, receipts for sums. received, summaries of contents, etc. Six legal documents, 1643-1713, relating to the water mill at Newington-next-Hythe, near Folkestone, Kent. The property included the tenement, water mill, stables, garden, yard and three acres of land. In 1643 it adjoined the lands of Sir William Brockman, knight towards the south and to the lands of Matthew Godden towards the north and to the King's street(?) towards the east. For most of this period there were only two millers, Richard Fukes, from Brabourne and Thomas Cooper, although as the documents demonstrate, a number of mortgage assignments were made on the property. The first miller, Richard Fukes, exchanged the mill for property at Sellinge and Monks Horton in 1692 (perhaps representing his retirement back to his original home area), with Thomas Cooper, also of Brabourne, who became the new miller at Newington. After Cooper's death around 1713, his widow and three sons sold the mill to John Caistor. In addition to the places mentioned above and to the adjacent parish of Cheriton. the documents refer to inhabitants of nearby Hythe (the surgeon, Claudius Chard) and the more distant Wye (Ann Heyman). Documents Two to Five were all drawn up by the Tournays, attorneys of Hythe, whose scriveners probably provided the other two documents as well. These two towns obviously had the wealthier citizens who could afford to intervene financially in this rural entreprise. The Mill House and various outbuildings survived until as late as 1987 when they were demolished as part of the Channel Tunnel construction project, the Seabrook stream being diverted underground at this point. (References, Alcock, Old Title Deeds (Philimore, 1986); Crampton, Before the Channel Tunnel (Tempus, 2001).

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