East Kent Sewers. Table Of Fees To Be Paid To The Clerk As Settled At A General Session Of Sewers Held On The 2nd. Day Of June 1817..


Traces of early folds, but otherwise a very good copy.




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MANUSCRIPT. 8 x 12.75 inches. Single sheet manuscript in ink with faint pencil additions at foot.


The East Kent Commissioners of Sewers had a responsibility for waterways in the River Stour catchment area and the drainage of the levels, including those in the neighbourhood of Sandwich. Further commissioners covered the several levels of the Romney Marsh area and the North Kent Marshes. The document records various fees for legal and administrative work carried out by the Commissioners, concerning warrants for scots (tax payments) and dykes, summons to court and copies of its standing orders, drawing up of petitions and reports, administering fines, registering documents, etc. It also included charges for attending a 'View,' in the '5 Home Vallies' or 'any of the other Vallies.' Other documents record the names of some of these valleys, Preston and Deerson, Minster, Seasalter and Chartham. There is also an item concerning leases of lands at Sarr Ferry (Sarre Ferry, where the Canterbury to Margate Road crossed the former Wantsum Channel, the ferry having been replaced by a bridge in medieval times). Commissioners of Sewers charged with the drainage of lands liable to floods were first authorised by an Act of 1531. Their courts operated in a judicial manner before juries and they continued in existence until 1930 when their work was transferred to river catchment bodies, etc. The records of the East Kent Commissioners of Sewers, from 1562, are held at Maidstone.

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