Sewn paper without covers. Edges chipped without effecting text and otherwise in good condition.



Board of Trade,






Return to an order of the honourable the house of commons, dated 13 february 1866; - for, copy 'of correspondence between the admiralty, the board of trade, and the treasury, concerning the completion of the admiralty pier at dover, with a copy of the plan adopted.
[running title: correspondence relating to the admiralty pier at dover.]

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4to. 8 x 12.75 inches. 15 + [1] pp.


Illustrated by hand coloured folding plan of the proposed extension.


A printed version of official correspondence on the advantages of extending the Admiralty Pier at Dover. Work on this had begun in 1847 and it was completed as originally conceived in 1871. The construction of this large masonry breakwater had many advantages, sheltering Dover Bay from the south west and ultimately making possible, by means of further additions to the pier and construction of seaward breakwaters, the creation of the present large enclosed harbour. Already the five landing jetties were connected by rail and the inner three leased to the two Kent companies. The two outer jetties were intended for naval use. The attractive large scale coloured plan shows the course of the pier from the Lord Warden Hotel and S. E. Railway Station out to the proposed curving extension of 300 feet.

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