An Account Of The Loans Advanced, In Exchequer Bills And Cash, To The Planters And Merchants Interested In The Islands Of Grenada And St. Vincent’s:.


Disbound. A little spotting but otherwise a very good copy.







- distinguishing, the date of the several advances; the period at which the same were to be repaid; with the several postponements therof; and, the amount of the sums, which have been repaid, with the respective dates of such repayments: dated the 18th day of march 1802.
(accounts and papers). [1801-02]; 43.
[with:] the committee, to whom the petition of the planters, merchants, and others trading to and connected with the islands of grenada and saint vincent, was referred.

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Folio. 12.25 x 8; 14 x 20, inches. 2 pp + [2] pp. folding table with title on back cover.


A detailed statement of the loans authorised by the House of Commons to the merchants and planters of the British Caribbean islands of Grenada and Saint Vincent. The background to the financial distress of these commercial communities is explained in the accompanying brief Committee report being caused by the twenty per cent lower prices of the islands' chief commodity, sugar, and the higher prices paid by the producers for provisions, materials and other supplies. The Insurrections referred to are, in the case of Grenada, Fedon's rebellion of 1795-96, and in the case of St. Vincent, the Second Carib War of 1795-97. The latter was a revolt of the Black Caribs descended from a mixed population of native Caribs and African slaves. In both cases the revolts were inspired by French revolutionaries from their West Indian islands and by the example of Haiti, and both succeeded in overrunning the greater part of their respective islands, but not their capitals. The insurrections on the two islands were crushed by overwhelming British military force.

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