A New History Of Rye.



First published by Combridges-Hove-Sussex-1934. This edition published by Gouldens-Rye-Sussex-1971.




With fifty illustrations

Item Description

Facsimile reprint of the first edition, 4to. xii + 180 pp. Illustrated with frontispiece and illustrations in text. Bound in original cloth gilt, without dust wrapper. The best Rye history, reprinted with a few corrections and a new dust wrapper. This facsimile reprint did make the book common for a time, but this edition is out of print now and becoming difficult to find; its major virtue being that it is half the price of the early edition. Leopold Amon Vidler (1870-1954) was a native of Rye, Mayor from 1927-28 and founder and first curator of the Rye Museum. The history first appeared in monthly instalments in the Sussex County Magazine, 1933.

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