A little margin edge wear and foxing, but otherwise a very good copy.



Se vend à Augsburg au Negoce comun de L'Academie Imperiale d'Empire des Arts liberaux avec Privilege de Sa Majesté Imperiale.,






Prospect des plazes vor dem rath haus zu boston / vue de la rue et de la maison de ville a boston = view of the street in front of the state house at boston.

Item Description

HAND COLOURED ENGRAVED PRINT. 17 x 12.5 inches. Title in mirror writing.


Engraved by Francois Xav. Habermann.


The vues d'optiques were perspective views produced in France in the second half of the eighteenth into the nineteenth centuries, although this example was produced in Augsburg. They were characterised by strong horizontal lines and the use bright hand colouring. They were designed to be imaged through a zograscope, a mirrored viewer with a lens, hence the use of mirror writing in the titles. In general those of the New World did not provide accurate representations of the locations portrayed, which tended to based on European cities familiar to the artists. A fictitious view of Boston, depicting the Massachusetts Town House, which became the State House after 1776. It was from here that the colony and later the state was governed. It was replaced in 1798 and became the City Hall; it is now the Old State House. The engraving is by François Xavier Habermann (1721-96), draughtsman, sculptor and engraver, born in Poland, who worked in Augsburg.

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