To Jocelyn [brooke] From His Friend John Ireland.




[n.d., c.1950s]


From jocelyn brooke's cottage at bishopsbourne, kent.

Item Description

FRAMED SIGNED PHOTOGRAPH. 9 x 7 inches within frame. Photographic print mounted in black wood frame with brown paper backing and label of Wallace Mumford, Picture Frame Maker, 43a, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury. Inscribed to Jocelyn from his friend John Ireland. Slight edge wear to frame. A framed photograph of the composer, John Ireland (1879-1962), which he sent to his friend, the Kent author, Jocelyn Brooke (1908-66). Brooke knew Ireland, who lived at Rock, West Sussex, well during his later years, and the two corresponded frequently. Brooke's brief account in The Birth of a Legend is chiefly concerned with the theme of composers drawing their inspiration from poets and prose writers. In particular he relates the links between Ireland and Arthur Machen (1863-1947), a very influential Welsh born writer of mystical and occult works. Machen's September 1914 story, The Bowmen is credited with the development of The Angels of Mons legend. Ireland composed numerous songs inspired by English authors such as Hardy, Brooke, Housman, Masefield and many others. Both Ireland and Machen felt the mystic pull of pagan landscapes such as the South Downs which they knew well and Brooke describes a visionary experience they each experienced on separate occasions. (Brooke, The Birth of a Legend: A Reminiscence of Arthur Machen and John Ireland, 1964).

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