Bound in the original cloth, gilt. Deckled edges. Slight wear to extremities and a few traces of foxing but otherwise a very good copy. Brief Arabic inscription on half title and bookplate.



John Murray, Albemarle Street, W.,






Adventure in south west arabia. by the master of belhaven (lt.-col. the hon a. hamilton).

Item Description

8vo. 6 x 9 inches. x + 212 pp. Includes 1 page of music in Appendix, Notes on Arab Chants.


Illustrated by 14 pages of black and white photographic plates and by 2 maps.


Account of the early service in South West Arabia of Robert Alexander Benjamin Hamilton, 12th Baron Belhaven and Stenton, FGS (1907-61), Scottish soldier and colonial administrator. It was published before he succeeded to the Scottish peerage in 1950. Belhaven was educated at Eton and Sandhurst and served in the Aden Protectorate first as soldier and then administrator in the thirties and early forties.
* This copy comes from the library of Mahmud al-Ghul the distinguished Arabist and Scholar, each volume has his bookplate. He specialised in ancient South Arabian languages; taught Arabic at SOAS from at least 1957-59, during which time he inspired Major M. D. van Lessen to collect and record South Arabian inscriptions; Ghul later taught at the American University in Beirut and Yarmuk University in Irbid, Jordan. During the early 1970s he was the first scholar to identify a class of so-called South Arabian minuscule inscriptions on wooden sticks which were used to record daily records, and for which he proposed an initial decipherment in late 1977. In 1959 he presented three ancient South Arabian stone inscriptions to The British Museum and published numerous scholarly papers on Arabian language and archaeology. He died in December 1983.

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