Some very faint foxing in the sky area but not disfiguring to the image. Printed on wove paper with the original hand-colour only slightly faded.



[Fores, Piccadilly],





Item Description

Hand-coloured aquatint, picture and title 26 X 19 inches, and including margins 29 x 22 inches, trimmed to plate-mark.


The artist William Joseph Shayer (1811-1892) and the engraver Charles Hunt (1803-1877) worked together on a number of high quality coaching and sporting engravings for Fores the fashionable London sporting publisher who is known to have issued the plate on 20 May 1867. Fores probably issued the engraving several times during the 1860s and it is not possible to distinguish between these, however this example is defiantly one of the early issues as the impression is strong and shows no signs of ware to the plate.

[Stock No. 23896]


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