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Translated by h. t. wade-grey and c. m. bowra. this edition consists of 1050 copies for sale in england and 500 copies for sale in the united states. this is number 1544.

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Small 8vo. 4.25 x 6.25 inches. xlv + [i] + 165 + [1] pp. All text within decorative borders. Bound in original white buckram with bevelled edges to boards. Top edge gilt. A little wear to extremities, spine title no longer clearly visible and fly leaves browned; otherwise a very good title. Decorated by copperplate vignettes by A. Alexander and Son, including title and colophon pages. A limited private press edition of the twelve Pythian Odes of the late Archaic Greek lyric poet, Pindar (c.518-438 BC), born near Thebes. They celebrate the victors of the Pythian Games, held every four years at the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi. These were one of four Panhellenic games, the others being at Olympia, Corinth and Nemea, whose winners were also the subject of Pindaric odes. This edition includes an introduction, appendices and notes. Henry Theodore Wade-Grey (1888-1972) was Professor of Ancient History at the University of Oxford, 1939-53. Cecil Maurice Bowra (1898-1971), another Oxford classicist served as Vice-Chancellor of the University, 1951-54 and was a leading Pindaric scholar.

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