Lympsfield And Its Environs




Printed and Published by Henry George. London: Simpkin, Marshall, and co.; and Charles Tilt





Item Description

8vo. 9 x 5.5 inches. Frontispiece and 12 fine lithographic plates + 28pp Lympsfield and its Environs + 8pp Old Oak Chair + four etchings by George Cruikshank Bound in original patterned yellow card with original label on the upper board. Interestingly the label misspells 'Lympsfield' as 'Lymsfield' and also states that the price was 6 shillings. This example is entirely uncut and apart from a little marginal foxing on a few of the plates is in extremely good condition. Westerham Church; Dunsdale; Lympsfield; Trevereux; Titsey Place; Squerries; Chart's Edge; Barrow-Green House; Rook's Nest; Tenchley's; Lympsfield Church; This account of Lympsfield and its neighbouring villages is described in the introduction as having been informally produced by a resident of the town and greatly enjoyed locally in 1832. The bookseller and printer Henry George of Westerham Press curated the formal printing of the text some six years later, alongside a ballad by the same author together with commissioned illustrations by the illustrious George Cruikshank. The resulting book is a rare and quaint glimpse into an idyllic and characterful time and place. The book was published anonymously however it is known to have been by Rev T Streatfeild and this copy has, in contemporary hand, the attributions written on in ink. The Kent Bibliography only accounts for one copy in the County Archives, we have no record of having handled a copy ourselves.

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