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FIRST EDITION. 8vo. 8.75 x 6 inches. ix + [v] + 393 + [1] pp. + vii + [i] pp. index. Bound in original orange cloth, gilt, in pictorial dust wrapper, which has small missing section at head of and shelf mark at tail of spine. Some minor wear, but otherwise a very good copy. Bookplate of Mahmud Ali Ghul and signature on title page. Illustrated by 32 pages of black and white plates, 9 maps and by drawings in text. Decorated by chapter heading and title page vignettes. Account of the archaeological excavations of the ancient civilisation of Dilmun centred on Bahrain island. The work also covers other Gulf Coast sites, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Geoffrey Bibby (1917-2001) studied archaeology at Cambridge, served in intelligence during the war and with the Iraq Petroleum Company in Bahrain, 1947-50. Through his wife he met the Danish archaeology professor, P. V. Glob (1911-85) and joined his department at the University of Aarhus; together they led the expedition to Bahrain in 1953. * This copy comes from the library of Mahmud al-Ghul the distinguished Arabist and Scholar, each volume has his bookplate. He specialised in ancient South Arabian languages; taught Arabic at SOAS from at least 1957-59, during which time he inspired Major M. D. van Lessen to collect and record South Arabian inscriptions; Ghul later taught at the American University in Beirut and Yarmuk University in Irbid, Jordan. During the early 1970s he was the first scholar to identify a class of so-called South Arabian minuscule inscriptions on wooden sticks which were used to record daily records, and for which he proposed an initial decipherment in late 1977. In 1959 he presented three ancient South Arabian stone inscriptions to The British Museum and published numerous scholarly papers on Arabian language and archaeology. He died in December 1983.

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