Hauling In The Nets Off Folkestone.



Signed W.C.Knell




Inscribed on verso, evening herring boats hauling in the nets off folkestone, and signed w.c. knell.

Item Description

Oil on canvas, 24 x 12 inches, Signed and dated lower left hand side. Fishing boats in the foreground on a choppy sea. In the background can be seen the Horn Lighthouse, and at the entrance to the outer harbour, the buildings of the Custom House and the Harbour Station, with the more distant buildings on the Stade sketched in. Framed in the original gilt swept frame, overall size 29 x 17 inches. Both painting and frame in very good condition. William Calcott Knell (1830?1876) was a British painter of maritime subjects. He was the son of William Adolphus Knell (1801-1875), who also worked as a marine painter. The influence of his father is evident in the composition and execution of his works. However, Knell was also inspired by other contemporaries. He painted mainly coastal scenes with boats. With great skill, Knell managed to capture the changing ambiences of the day and render his impressions of nature, and the movement of the sea. Between 1848 and 1865 Knell showed his works at the Royal Academy, the Society of British Artists, and the British Institution.

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