Folkestone Harbour And Dover Harbour.

The paintings are in very good condition apart from the margins, where there are signs of discolouration due to the framing. There is some slight craquelure in the sky of the Folkestone painting.







Indistinctly signed

Item Description

Two oil paintings on artists board, 14 x 9 inches, the first depicting the town and port of Folkestone, and the second the port of Dover.
FOLKESTONE: Depicted from the east of the town, and viewed across the harbour, with the Leas and St. Eanswythe's church in the background. The Royal Pavilion hotel is seen behind a forest of ships' masts, and early buildings are shown along the Stade and in the lower town beyond. In the middle ground is the cliff to the east of the Mole, as yet without the arched promenade at its foot, topped by St. Peter's Church. In the foreground are the grassy cliff tops adjacent to the current Wear Bay Road.
DOVER: A view from the western end of the harbour, adjacent to the mouth of Granville Basin, with fishing boats in the foreground, the crews drying their clothes and sails. Beyond, the old Clock Tower and Lifeboat House, with masts and sails of ships berthed outside the old South Pier. Chimneys and houses can just be perceived along the Esplanade. Dominating the background is Dover Castle on the Eastern Heights. The paintings are displayed in identical ornate, gold frames and make a striking pair.


Only one of the two paintings, that of Folkestone, has a signature although they are both by the same hand. It is signed in the lower right-hand corner, and dated 1881, though the initial and first letters have been partly obliterated during framing. The fragment appears to read '??denham'

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