Published Rodwell and Martin, New Bond Street; Oct. 10





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Large lithograph, uncoloured as issued. Image area 10 x 15 inches with wide margins. A fine example. Published in Hullmandel's outstanding lithographic work 'Britannia Delineata' This magnificent view book was the first of a series which was proposed to illustrate every county. Despite the book's merit the cost was too high and the publication was a failure; only Kent was ever produced and few copies were printed. This scene depicts the town of Folkestone as seen from the East, the viewpoint high on the cliffs above the Warren, with cattle and sheep grazing on the grassy chalk above Wear Bay. Beyond are two Martello Towers and, in the distance, with a dramatic sky as backdrop, lies the sunlit town with the parish church as its focus. The view gives a good idea of what a remote and unimportant little place Folkestone was before the coming of the Railway in the 1840s.

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