Essex Devided Into Hundreds, With The Most Antient And Fayre Towne Colchester Described




Described by Iohn Norden. Augmented by I. Speede, And are to be solde by G. Humble. Cum Privilegio.






And other memorable monuments observed. anno 1610

Item Description

Copper-engraving, 15 x 20 inches. Double-sided with English text on verso. Hand-coloured. The bottom right corner of the map depicts the City of Colchester, within elaborate scrolling conveying the town's Roman heritage with illustrations of Roman coin heads. The prosperous town is shown in some detail with its castle, churches and dwellings. Along the left side of the map are the Coats of Arms for the various Earls of Essex: Mandevill; Bohun; Woodstock; Bourchier; Cromwell; Parr; D'Eureux. A good example. The central fold has been strengthened on the verso. There are barely noticeable holes along one crease due to age, but that do not affect the legibility of the map. The margins are extremely slight - barely half a centimetre around the plate-mark. A couple of slight edge tears that do not affect the map. The hand-colouring is early and extremely well done. There are four dark brown smudges each about the size of a finger print but the print is still clear beneath these marks, and they don't affect the overall attractiveness of the image. The first edition with the text in English published in 1610. This survey was completed by John Norden and augmented and decorated by Speed.

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