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36 inches. Barrel 19 inches long. 2 inches at muzzle. Walnut with distinctive brass trigger guard, butt plate, ramrod pipes, two-stage cannon barrel - part round part octagonal. Steel ramrod and steel flintlock mechanism. Flared at the muzzle. Octagonal breech engraved on the top flat with the heart emblem of the East India Company. The side plate shows the Lion Rampant of the East India Company and date 1808. Fully functioning. Apart from a few grazes to the wooden stock and the odd tiny dent on the barrel, and some pitting to the steel of the flintlock mechanism, the item is in superb condition. These formidable weapons were used primarily in close combat situations for boarding of vessels at sea and in protection of gunners and wagons etc. They were also used to quell riots. India in 1808 had been recently united under the East India Company by Arthur Wellesley (later, Duke of Wellington) and General Lake at the Battle of Delhi in 1803. The size of the East India Company's army had risen to 120,000 men with British Officers and Native Sepoy Regiments. The flintlock mechanism of this weapon was probably manufactured in England, and the walnut stock and brass barrel may well have been made in India where there was a long tradition of metal-working and weapon-making. This is a particularly well-preserved example.

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