Debenture Bond No. 355 £1000.


Embossed five pound revenue stamp, stamped, Bristol, 24.6.41 stamp with crown and blue embossed seal base with main seal removed to signify repayment of loan. Two names at foot of document crossed through, including J. B. Badham, Secretary; on verso, short title, printed and manuscript, and manuscript repayment statement.







By virtue of [the bristol and exeter railway acts of 1836, etc.]...we, the bristol and exeter railway consideration of the sum of one thousand pounds to us, in hand, paid by francis rawle of georges street, plymouth do assign unto the said francis rawle...the said undertaking...and all the estate, right, title, and interest of the said company...until the said sum of one thousand pounds together with interest for the same after the rate of five pounds for every one hundred pounds for a year, shall be fully paid and satisfied. and it is hereby stipulated that the said principal sum of one thousand pounds shall be repayable and paid on the twenty first day of the year [1846]. given under our common seal...[22 november 1841] j. b. badham [signature crossed through] secretary.

Item Description

DEBENTURE BOND CERTIFICATE. 9.75 x 15 inches. Single sheet printed document with manuscript insertions.


The Bristol and Exeter Railway was established through the initiative of Bristol merchants by an Act of 1836. In the 1840s it proved profitable, returning an annual dividend of 4.5%. It was not fully merged with the Great Western Railway until 1876. In 1841 Francis Rawle of Plymouth advances £1000 to fund continuing development of the Railway at 5% interest per annum. This Debenture Bond guarantees full repayment in four years time. On the verso of the document Rawle signs to declare that he has received full repayment of the principal loan plus the interest on the date specified in 1846. The holder of the Bond may be the Francis Rawle who was born in Liskeard in 1777 and died in Plymouth in 1854. The sum of £1000 in 1841 would be worth £92,000 in today's prices.

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