Chronicon-preciosum Or An Account Of English Gold And Silver Money The Price Of Corn And Other Commodities And Of Stipends, Salaries, Wages, Jointures, Portions, Day-labour, Etc. In England For Six Hundred Years Last Past.




Augustus M. Kelley.


New York




By bishop fleetwood [1745]. (reprints of economic classics).

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8vo. 5.75 x 8.75 inches. [xiv] + 147 pp. + [14] pp. index, plate reproductions and advertisement, with [6] pp. blank + 30 pp. appendix + [14] pp. advertisements and plate reproductions, with [6] pp. blank. Separate half title for appendix. Bound in brown buckram, gilt. A fine copy. Illustrated by 12 pp. of plate reproductions of coins and by tables in text. Decorated by publishers devices on half title and tile pages and by endpiece vignette. A history of English prices, coinage and money with an early investigation of the changing prices of corn, other commodities and salaries and wages. He had been approached by an Oxford scholar, who would lose his fellowship if his outside income were greater than ?5 a year, according to a statute of 1440. Fleetwood investigates rises in prices and costs since that date and shows that an income of ?28-?30 around 1700 would be necessary to obtain the same purchasing power At the end are illustrations and descriptions of the English silver and gold coins from the time of the Norman Conquest. William Fleetwood (1656-1723) was Bishop of St Asaph, 1708-14 and was then translated to the see of Ely, apparently often referring to economic matters in his sermons. First published in 1707, this reprint is based on the reissue of 1745 and reproduces the original title page in facsimile.

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