Building In England Down To 1540.




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8vo. 6.5 x 9.5 inches. xvi + [i] + 637 pp. + [2] pp. publisher's catalogue. Bound in original black cloth, gilt, in pictorial dust wrapper. A fine copy. Illustrated by 22 pages of plates, including frontispiece and by one text figure. A comprehensive classic study of medieval building practice and techniques with 250 pages of appendices, quoting original documents in English and Latin, including building contracts. Louis Francis Salzman (1878-1971), medieval economic historian, was educated at Cambridge, but spent mush of his life in his native Sussex, being honorary editor of the Sussex Archaeological Society for fifty years from 1909, and serving as editor of the Victoria County History, 1934-49. Building in England, his most important work was first published in 1952, reprinted with corrections in 1966 and, reissued in 1992, with this copy being a special edition for Sandpiper Books in 1997.

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