Bound in original red decorated boards, blocked in gilt. Slight wear on edges of boards, otherwise a very good copy.



Brown and Rawcliffe Limited, Exchange Works, Pall Mall, Liverpool.,




n.d. but after 1896..


(the 'camera' series views of the united kingdom).

Item Description

8vo. 6.25 x 8.5 inches. Concertina type view-book of glazed lithographs, extending to 104 inches, containing 28 different images, including 3 large panoramas.


This type of view-book originates in Germany and was printed there. It is a late example of the curious mixture of photograph and engraving which were prolific from about 1875 1895 and beyond, when photography finally won the day. This late example must date from after 1896 as it illustrates four views of 'The Sea Going Electric Car.' This was the Brighton and Rottingdean Seaside Electric Railway developed by Magnus Volk, who already operated a more conventional electric railway along part of this route. Advertised as ' A Sea Voyage on Wheels,' it was first opened in late November 1896 but was almost destroyed in a storm a week later, being reopened in July 1897. The Railway was scrapped in 1901. This view-book includes three fine panoramas of The West Pier, Regency Square from the West Pier and Kings Road and the Beach.

[Stock No. 24920]


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