Atlantis In Andalucia.




Rider and Co., Paternoster House, Paternoster Row, E.C.4.






A study of folk memory. profusely illustrated.

Item Description

FIRST EDITION. 8vo. 8.75 x 6 inches. 284 pp. Bound in original black cloth, gilt. Damp stain on rear board and a little foxing of edges and margins; otherwise a very good copy. Illustrated by 18 pages of black and white plates, including frontispiece and by 14 text figures, including plans. An archaeological and ethnological investigation of the Atlantis myth in Spain. It describes 'the remarkably developed prehistoric civilisation of which relics abound at Niebla, in what was the Kingdom of Tartessus previous to the Carthaginian invasion about 560 B.C., derived more or less directly from that of the lost continent of Atlantis.' By Ellen Mary Abdy Williams, Mrs Whishaw (c.1857-c.1937), a journalist and novelist who moved to Spain with her husband around 1900. A scarce work reprinted in 1997 as Atlantis in Spain. (At the Circulating Library, A Database of Victorian Fiction).

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