A View Of The Town And Port Of Folkestone From The South East..


Traces of old folds, but a very good example.



Canterbury, Simmons and Kirkby. N.D. but c.,



Item Description

First edition. uncoloured copper engraving, 15 x 21 inches including margins.


The earliest engraved view of the town, dedicated to William Bouverie, The Earl of Radnor, with his coat of arms engraved below the title. This view was issued in Hasted's monumental 'History of Kent' published over the years 1778-1798. The Earl of Radnor was Hasted's patron which accounts for this view being the largest in the work although depicting such a small town. It is a view from the sea showing how at this date the town was merely a collection of houses on the cliff next to the parish church and the houses of the fisherfolk by the shore. This is the larger first issue of this view, the plate was cut down for the second edition the sky and edges have been trimmed and a new less elaborate title engraved, for the smaller edition of the text reissued in 1800.

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