A Review Of The Life, Character And Writings Of The Rev. John Biddle, M.a..


Disbound pamphlet. A very good copy. Stamp of Park Chapel Library on title page.











Who was banished to the isle of scilly, in the protectorate of oliver cromwell. by joshua toulmin, a.m.

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12mo. 4.25 x 6.75 inches. 141 pp.


John Biddle (c.1615-62), classical scholar and religious controversialist, was educated at Magdalen Hall, Oxford and was appointed master of the Crypt School, Gloucester in 1641, where he began to develop his anti-trinitarian views. This led to his summoning to Westminster where Parliament eventually made denial of the doctrine of the Trinity a capital offence in 1648. In spite of this Biddle managed to publish and revise his anti-trinitarian tracts. In 1655 Cromwell banished him to the Isle of Scilly from which he returned in 1658. Biddle spent about ten years of his life in prison. Arrested again by the Restoration regime, he died in Newgate in 1662. He became known as the 'Father of English Unitarianism.' 'The author, Joshua Toulmin (1740-18150 came from s dissenting background ad was educated for the ministry. As minister of the General Baptist Chapel in Taunton, he developed anti-trinitarian and radical views, opposing both the American and French wars. He became the historian of the Unitarian movement. 'Toulmin was an important figure in the development of English Unitarianism as a separate denomination, and was a significant, if relatively minor, figure in the history of radicalism' (DNB). First published in 1789, this title was reissued in 1791 as one of the Tracts. Printed and published by the Unitarian Society for promoting Christian Knowledge and the practice of virtue.( Vol. V). A scarce title.

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