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Copper plate engraving 6 x 8 inches; Depicting a man standing within a circle beneath a large Masonic compass in a landscape of industry and prosperity. In each corner outside the circle are emblematic scenes of happiness and sobriety, titled at the bottom ‘By honest and industrious means you’ll live a life of ease’ ‘Then let the compass be your guide and go where e’er you please’. The print has been crudely hand coloured and is preserved within a contemporary simple black frame with the original glass and backing. The engraving is uniformly browned but in good condition.
A rather charming and rare eighteenth century devotional Masonic engraving in an original frame. £200.00 [Stock No. 25031]

MACBRIDE, JOHN and COLLINS, CHRISTOPHER. AN ACTUAL SURVEY OF THE VARNE AND RIDGE; Taken by Order of John Macriide, Esq. Rear Admiral of the Blue and Commander in Chief in the Downs Etc. Etc. By His most Obedient and Obliged Humble Servant Christopher Collins of H.M. Ship Cumberland 1793  Published by Laurie and Whittle, 58 Fleet Street, 12th. May  1794.
Copper-engraved sea chart, 20 x 27 inches with approximately 1 inch margins. Uncoloured as issued,Title within decorative cartouche, The chart shows the land between South Foreland Light and Dungeness. Folkestone church is marked ‘Now White Washed by the desire of Admiral Macbride’. The lights are shown in silhouette. The Varne and the Ridge sand banks are marked with the names of each vessel riding on the banks during the Survey. The chart a traversed by Rumm lines and a compass rose. A very good clean example.
A very scarce chart with one of the first accurate surveys of these two mid Channel Sand Banks. £200.00 [Stock No. 25019]

NAVY RECORDS SOCIETY . ELPHINSTONE, GEORGE KEITH, Admiral 1st Viscount KEITH. PERRIN, W. G. and LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER, edited by. THE KEITH PAPERS SELECTED FROM THE LETTERS AND PAPERS OF ADMIRAL VISCOUNT KEITH. [Vol. 1] edited by W. G. Perrin. [Vols. II-III] by Christopher Lloyd. Vols. I -III. (Publications of the Navy Records Society. Vol. LXII, XC, XCVI). Printed for the Navy Records Society. 1927, 1950, 1955.
THREE VOLUMES. Large 8vo. 6.25 x 9 inches. Vol. I, xii + 492 pp. + 7 pp. list of publications; Vol. II, xii + 422 pp. + [20]; Vol. III, xii + 418 pp. + [6] pp. list of publications. Illustrated by 5 plates, including 2 portrait frontispieces, folding map and facsimile and by 4 maps in text. Decorated by Society’s seal on title page and by headpiece vignette (Vol. I).Bound in original publisher’s quarter navy buckram over white, gilt, with gilt block of Society’s seal on front board. Deckled edges (Vol.I). Spine of Vol. I a little sunned with light wear to extremities and some scattered foxing; otherwise a very good set. Signature on first free endpaper, Vol. I. Bookplates, Vols. II-III.
Admiral Keith (1746-1823) was a Scottish naval Officer who served throughout the French Wars, 1793-1815. He was successively Commander-in Chief in the Mediterranean, the North Sea, including The Nore and the English Channel. In the latter capacity he was concerned with protecting English shores against French invasion. The editor of Vol. I, William Gordon Perrin (1874-1931) served as Admiralty Librarian 1908-31 and was best known for his work on the history of flags. THIS IS A LARGE AND HEAVY SET WHICH WILL INCUR SHIPPING COSTS ABOVE THE DEFAULT RATE QUOTED BY ABE. PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A QUOTATION FOR POSTAGE BEFORE ORDERING. £40.00 [Stock No. 25017]

NAVY RECORDS SOCIETY. BUTLER, NATHANIEL. PERRIN, W. G., edited by. BOTELER’S DIALOGUES. Edited by W. G. Perrin. (Publications of the Navy Records Society. Vol. LXV). Printed for the Navy Records Society. 1929.
Large 8vo. 6.5 x 9.5 inches. xxxix + [1] + 341 + [1] pp. + 7 pp. list of publications.Illustrated by facsimile title page. Decorated by Society’s seal on title page.Bound in original publisher’s quarter navy buckram over white, gilt, with gilt block of Society’s seal on front board. Deckled edges. Spine a little sunned, light wear to extremities and some scattered foxing; otherwise a very good copy. Bookplate of United Service Club.
A reprint, with modernised spelling, of six discourses on seamanship entitled A Dialogicall Discourse Concerning Marine Affaires Betweene The Highe Admirall and a Captaine att Sea, first published in 1634. Captain Nathaniel Butler (c.1577-1640?) was an English privateer who later served as Governor of Bermuda, 1619-22 and of Providence Island, 1638-40. The editor, William Gordon Perrin (1874-1931) served as Admiralty Librarian 1908-31 and was best known for his work on the history of flags. £12.00 [Stock No. 25016]

NAVY RECORDS SOCIETY. BROMLEY, J. S., edited by. THE MANNING OF THE ROYAL NAVY SELECTED PUBLIC PAMPHLETS 1693-1873. Edited by J. S. Bromley. (Publications of the Navy Records Society. Vol. 119). Printed for the Navy Records Society. 1974 (1976).
Large 8vo. 6 x 9 inches. l + 409 + [1] pp. + [8] pp. list of publications.Illustrated by 4 plates of facsimile title pages. Decorated by Society’s seal on title page.Bound in original navy buckram, gilt, with gilt block of Society’s seal on front board. Spine a little sunned and water stains at lower corners of boards; otherwise a very good copy. Inscription on first free endpaper.
Reprints twenty five published pamphlets on the manning of the navy, edited by John Selwyn Bromley. Appendix VII gives Notes on Authors. £10.00 [Stock No. 25015]

NAVY RECORDS SOCIETY . BLAKE, ROBERT. POWELL, J. R., edited by. THE LETTERS OF ROBERT BLAKE TOGETHER WITH SUPPLEMENTARY DOCUMENTS. Edited by J. R. Powell. (Publications of the Navy Records Society. Vol. LXXVI). Printed for the Navy Records Society. 1937.
Large 8vo. 6.25 x 9 inches. xxii + [i] + 501 pp. Illustrated by portrait frontispiece. Decorated by Society’s seal on title page.Bound in original publisher’s quarter navy buckram over white, gilt, with gilt block of Society’s seal on front board. Spine a little sunned and light wear to extremities, but otherwise a very good copy. Signature on first free endpaper.
The letters of Robert Blake (1599-1657), the parliamentary General-at sea, edited by John Rowland Powell. The sections include the pursuit of Prince Rupert, the capture of the Isles of Scilly and Jersey and the First Dutch War. £12.00 [Stock No. 25013]

NAVY RECORDS SOCIETY. MONSON, SIR WILLIAM. OPPENHEIM, M., edited by. THE NAVAL TRACTS OF SIR WILLIAM MONSON IN SIX BOOKS. Edited with a Commentary drawn from the State Papers and other Original Sources by M. Oppenheim. Vols. I - V. [SIX BOOKS IN 5 VOLS.]. (Publications of the Navy Records Society. Vol. XXII -XXIII, XLIII, XLV, XLVLII). Printed for the Navy Records Society. 1902 - 1914.
THREE VOLUMES. Large 8vo. 6.5 x 9.5 inches. Vol. I, lxvi + 395 pp.; Vol. II, viii + 395 + [1] pp. + 3 pp. publications list; Vol. III, x + 443 + [1] pp. + 4 pp. publications list; Vol. IV, x + 442 pp. + 4 pp. publications list; Vol. V, xii + 370 pp. + 5 pp. publications list. Illustrated by 11 maps (Vol. I-II), including two folding frontispieces (one coloured) and 2 folding. Decorated by Society’s seal on title pages.Bound in original publisher’s quarter navy buckram over white, gilt, with gilt block of Society’s seal on front board. Deckled edges. Spines a little sunned, some wear to extremities and scattered foxing; otherwise a very good set. Vol. IV has armourial bookplate of private library
William Monson (1569-1643) was trained to the sea at an early age and took part in the naval actions he describes in the first two volumes, including the battles of Flores, 1592, Cadiz, 1596 and Sesimbra Bay, off Lisbon, 1602. He served as MP for Malmesbury, 1601 and was appointed Admiral of the Narrow Seas, 1604. He went to sea again in 1635 as Vice-Admiral of the first ship money fleet of Charles I. His memoirs are regarded as the best account of naval life and activities in the late Elizabethan and Jacobean periods, combining historical narrative with his suggestions for the improvement of the country’s maritime resources. THIS IS A LARGE AND HEAVY SET WHICH WILL INCUR SHIPPING COSTS ABOVE THE DEFAULT RATE QUOTED BY ABE. PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A QUOTATION FOR POSTAGE BEFORE ORDERING. £75.00 [Stock No. 25012]

CANTERBURY. STURRY, LOWER HARDRES. LAND DEEDS. FIVE LEASES RELATING TO AGRICULTURAL PROPERTY, INCLUDING HOP LANDS, 1870-1880. Contents: 1. Counterpart Lease of Hop Oast at Oaten Hill and Hop Land called Monken Dane Canterbury. George Ash to Thomas Ash. 1870. 2. Lease of a Hop Oast at Oaten Hill and Hop Land called Monken Dane Canterbury. George Ash to Henry Cooper. 1874. 3.Counterpart Lease of a Hop Oast at Oaten Hill and Hop Land called Monken Dane Canterbury. George Ash to Henry Cooper. 1874. 4. Counterpart Lease of Calcot Farm in the Parish of Sturry, Kent. George Ash to James Cooper. 1874. 5. Lease of a piece of arable land at Lower Hardres Kent. George Ash to Robert Collard. 1880.   1870-80.
5 LEGAL MANUSCRIPTS.Folded legal property deeds, on parchment, with red borders on prepared legal stationery. Complete with stamps and seals. Some age related stains and foxing on exteriors but generally clean interiors.
Five leases of arable land, principally for the purposes of hop growing, in Canterbury and the nearby villages of Sturry (hamlet of Calcott) and Lower Hardres. All the leases are granted by George Ash, ‘of the City of Canterbury, Gentleman.’ who probably resided at Barton Fields (Kelly’s 1878). The Tithe Award Schedule of some thirty years earlier shows George Ash, Henry Cooper and Henry Collard (who may have been a relative of Robert Collard), all to be substantial landowners and occupiers in the Parish of St Mary Bredin, which stretched from just south of the centre centre to the south west of the city. It is now largely occupied by suburbs, but there is still a street called Oaten Hill (where the oast house was located) off the Old Dover Road. Thomas Ash, described as a brewer in the lease, may have been a relative of George and Henry Cooper is also stated to be a gentleman of the City. James Hooper, farmer of the parish of Sturry leases ‘ Calcot Farm,’ Calcott being a hamlet within the parish to the north. Hooper is obliged by the lease to ‘keep in full plant not less than Twenty five acres of Hops.’ and to ‘leave upon the said premises the Hop poles necessary for the said Twenty five acres.’ Robert Collard, who leases the arable land at Lower Hardres, was a farmer of Nackington parish, just south east of Canterbury, and also a large hop grower (Kelly’s), although in this case there is no reference to hop cultivation in the document itself. £175.00 [Stock No. 25011]

DEAL. LAND TRANSFER DEEDS. TWELVE ASSIGNMENTS, CONVEYANCES, LEASES AND MORTGAGES RELATING TO DEAL, 1777-1861 AND 1900. Contents: 1. Assignment of a Leasehold Covenant in Deal. William Marsh to Henry Miles. 1777. 2. Mortgage of a Dwellinghouse and Premises at Deal. Henry Miles and Wife to Henry Garnett. 1778. 3. Assignment and Confirmation of a Messuage and premises in Archbishop Waste Deal. Henry Garnett by direction of Henry Miles and Wife to John Sampson. 1810. 4. Assignment of a Tenement and Premises in Broad Street, Deal. The Misses Sampson to John Eastes. 1827. 5. Mortgage of Freehold and Leasehold Premises in Deal. John Eastes to John Watson. 1833. 6. Assignment of a Messuage and Premises in Broad Street Deal. John Watson and John Eastes to Luke M. Pain. 1838. 7. Assignment by way of Mortgage of a Leasehold Messuage in Broad Street. Luke Martin Pain to Miss Susannah Holbrook. 1838. 8..Lease of Premises at Deal. His Grace John Bird Lord Archbishop of Canterbury to Richard Gibbons and James Conolly Martin. 1849. 9. Deed of Appointment by Mrs Susanna Bayly under her marriage settlement and Conveyance and Assignment...from the old Trustees to Mrs Richard Gibbons and the present Trustees of the Settlement. Deal. 1852. 10. Conveyance of Freehold Hereditaments in Deal. Mrs Susanna Bayly to Mr. Tho. Jas. Bushell and assignment of a Mortgage Security for £500...Mrs Susanna Bayly to Mr.Thos Stubberfield. 1853. 11. Conveyance of the Reversion of Hereditaments at Deal [Broad Street]. The Archbishop of Canterbury [John Bird Sumner, Henry Thomas Earl of Chichester and William Deedes] with the approval of The Church Commissioners to Mr. Thos. Stubberfield. 1861. 12. Conveyance of No. 5 Broad Street Deal. Messrs W. R. Hammond and T. J. Woodruff to Mr Elias Elliott. 1900.   1777-1861; 1900.
12 LEGAL MANUSCRIPTS.Folded legal property deeds, ten on parchment and two (2, 1788 and 8, 1849 on paper), with red borders, and in many cases on prepared legal stationery from a London supplier. Complete with stamps and seals (seals cut out from 5 (1833)). Some age related stains and foxing on exteriors but generally clean interiors.
Twelve land transfer deed relating to properties in Deal, mostly relating to Broad Street and Lower Street. Names that occur in more than one document are Henry Miles, John Eastes, John Watson, Richard Gibbons, Mrs Susanna Bayly and Thomas Stubberfield. Three of the documents relate to property held by the Archdiocese of Canterbury and two of them bear the seal of John Bird Sumner, Archbishop, 1848-62. £120.00 [Stock No. 25010]

BUHAGIAR, MARIO. THE ICONOGRAPHY OF THE MALTESE ISLANDS 1400 - 1900. Painting. Progress Press Co. Ltd. [for] World Confederation of Salesian Past Pupils of Don Bosco - Lions Club (Malta). 1988.
4to. 9 x 11.75 inches. 202 + [1] pp. Illustrated throughout in colour, including many whole page. Decorated by devices of organisers on verso of title page. Pictorial endpapers. Bound in original white cloth, gilt, in pictorial dust wrapper, in black slipcase, with a few signs of wear. A very good copy.
Well illustrated survey of Maltese painting from 1400 to 1900. Mario Buhagiar (b.1945) is professor in the history of art at the University of Malta. He was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 2009. £15.00 [Stock No. 25005]

ANCIENT ORDER OF DRUIDS. CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS OF THE ANCIENT ORDER OF DRUIDS. Ancient Order of Druids, founded time immemorial, revived In the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-one. Constitutional Laws Enacted the Eighth and Ninth Days of April, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty-four.  Ancient Order of Druids. 1834.
Tall 4to. 8 x 12.5 inches. 20 pp.Decorated by arms of Order at head of title. In original stiff card boards with cloth spine and title and arms of Order in black on front board. Manuscript signature, p.17 of Lodge Secretary,1834. Boards stained, some foxing and browning and tear affecting text pp.13-14, neatly repaired; otherwise a good copy. Inscribed, 98 Lodge A.D Canterbury 1834 on front pastedown.
The Ancient Order of Druids was founded at the King’s Arms off Oxford Street, London (Lodge No.1) in 1781, under the leadership of Henry Hurle. The movement soon spread and numbered over 200,000 members in 1831 in 193 lodges. In that year the Order split, with a breakaway group, the United Ancient Order of Druids, demanding a more democratic and socially aware outlook and an elected board of directors. The secession group flourished greatly and expanded overseas, but the original Order also achieved success. This 1834 constitution of the Ancient Order dates from soon after the split and has been provided centrally by the Grand Lodge to the other lodges, in this case, No. 98 at Canterbury. This order emphasised the virtues of justice, benevolence and friendship and did not practice the neopagan religion currently associated with druids. £150.00 [Stock No. 25004]

LÖWENTHAL, RUDOLF. THE EARLY JEWS IN CHINA: A SUPPLEMENTARY BIBLIOGRAPHY. Reprint from Folklore Studies, Published by the Museum of Oriental Ethnology The Catholic University of Peking, Vol. V, 1946.  The Catholic University of Peking.  [1946].
Large 8vo. 353-398 pp. Personal names also in Chinese characters.Periodical offprint with cover title and contents of Vols. I-IV, 1942-45 at end. Some light foxing, browning and edge wear, but otherwise a good copy. Signature at head of title.
Dr, Rudolf Löwenthal (1904-96) was a German researcher, who fled to China in 1933 and held a teaching and librarian post at Yenching University, Peking, from 1934. In 1947 he left for the US and took up teaching and research posts at the Universities of Cornell and Georgetown. He compiled several bibliographies on the history of Jews in China (see pp. 371-2), which were published, with his essays, in a combined edition as The Sino-Judaic Bibliographies of Rudolf Loewenthal in 1988. £35.00 [Stock No. 25003]

HUMPHRY, Mrs CHARLOTTE ELIZA. MANNERS FOR WOMEN. By Mrs. Humphry (’Madge’ of ‘Truth’). Author of ‘Manners for Men.’ Second Edition - Twentieth Thousand.  James Bowden, 10. Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, W. C.  1897.
Small tall 8vo. 4 x 7.5 inches. viii + 155 + [1] pp. + [6] pp. publisher’s advertisements. Bound in coloured pictorial cloth with black titles. Rounded edges. Boards age stained, but otherwise a very good copy.
The second edition was published in 1897 in the same year as the first, when the author’s Manners for Men appeared, Manners for Girls following in 1901. Mrs Charlotte Eliza Humphry, née Graham, (c.1854/56-1925) was a pioneering female journalist best known for her Lady’s Letter style column in Truth magazine. Her other books included titles on etiquette, cookery, housekeeping and How to be Pretty Though Plain. £45.00 [Stock No. 25002]

SENN, C. HERMAN. CHAFING DISH AND CASSEROLE COOKERY. By C. Herman Senn, Gold Medallist (Paris, London, and Vienna), Inspector and Consulting Chef National Training School of Cookery (1892-1908). New Edition. (The Culinary Library).  The Food and Cookery Publishing Agency. Victoria, S.W. 1908.
Small 8vo. 4.75x 7.25 inches. 82 pp., including 2 pp. advertisements + [6} pp. advertisements, including 3 pp. publisher’s. Illustrated by wood engravings in text. Decorated by publisher’s device on title page. Bound in original blue cloth with white titles, and decorative block on front board. A little wear to extremities, water stains on top of free endpapers and some browning; otherwise a very good copy. Embossed address at head of title.
A title in a series of books by Charles Hermann Senn (1842-1934), published in The Culinary Library by The Food and Cookery Publishing Agency. As the third edition was dated 1913, this is likely to have been the second while the first may have been published around 1900. The fourth and fifth editions appeared in 1918 and 1927. £15.00 [Stock No. 25001]

STEWART, GEORGE R. EARTH ABIDES.  Victor Gollancz Ltd, 14 Henrietta St, Covent Garden, WC2 1949.
FIRST UK EDITION. 8vo. 5.25 x 7.75 inches. 334 pp.Bound in original green cloth with black titles. A little wear to extremities and lower spine faded. Front hinge starting to crack, small chip on lower margin of title page and some foxing largely confined to preliminaries and edges; otherwise a good copy.
Scarce first UK edition of a classic science fiction novel, frequently reprinted. It is a post-Apocalyptic tale of the collapse of civilisation following a virus outbreak and how the few surviving humans survive in their greatly altered environment. Earth Abides is the best known work of George Rippey Stewart (1895-1980), US historian, writer on place names and of novels of environmental catastrophe, who held the post of Professor of English at Berkeley. £30.00 [Stock No. 24999]

8vo. 7.5 x 5 inches, xvi + 8 + 1004pp. + [2] Lacking the folding map.Original printed boards. A good clean copy.
£30.00 [Stock No. 24998]

PAYNE, A. G. CASSELL'S SHILLING COOKERY. Edited by A. G. Payne. Fortieth Thousand. Cassell and Company, Limited. 1889.
8vo, in sixteens. 5.75 x 7 inches. [4] pp. advertisements + iv + [ii] + 360 pp. + [10] pp. advertisements. Text in double columns.Illustrated by wood engravings in text. Decorated by publisher’s device on title page. In limp red cloth wrappers. Extremities worn and spine and edges stained by water with some red stains on lower edges of first few pages, but otherwise a clean interior.
The first edition of the Shilling Cookery was published in 1888. The editor, Arthur Gay Payne (1840-94), educated at Cambridge, was a sports editor as well as cookery writer. £20.00+ [Stock No. 24996]

BEETON, MRS ISABELLA MARY. MRS. BEETON'S COOKERY BOOK AND HOUSEHOLD GUIDE. Containing Recipes for every Kind of Cookery. Hints and Advice in Household Management. Plans of Household Work. Recipes for Servants. How to Purchase. Table of Prices and Seasons of Provisions. American and Colonial Cookery and Recipes. Continental Cookery and Recipes. Vegetarian Cookery and Recipes. Menus for all Seasons and all Meals. The Serving of all meals; laying the Cloth - folding serviettes - Decoration of Table. Trussing of Poultry and Game, with Sketches from Life. New Recipes for Luncheon Dishes. New Recipes for Tinned and Preserved Meats. New Recipes for Bread, Buns, Small Savouries and Confectionery. New and Greatly Enlarged Edition. New Coloured Plates, Full-page and other Illustrations.  Ward, Lock and Co.  1890.
8vo. 5 x 7.5 inches. xxiii (including 5 pp. advertisements) + [i] + 270 pp. + [14] pp. advertisements. Text in double columns.Illustrated by 3 colour lithograph, including frontispiece, and 7 black and white plates and by numerous wood engraved text figures, including 9 whole page.Bound in original red cloth with black titles and pictorial blocks, with advertisement on rear board. Advertisements on on front and rear pastedowns and endpapers. Spine sunned, light wear to extremities, some browning, and occasional foxing largely confined to edges; otherwise a very good copy. Signatures on recto of first colour plate and head of p. 17. Lightly inserted: 2 early manuscript and one newspaper cutting, recipes.
Apparently an enlarged version of Mrs Beeton’s Shilling Cookery Book, all these titles being ultimately derived from the two original works by Isabella Mary Beeton (1836-1865): The Book of Household Management (1861) and The Dictionary of Every-Day Cookery (1865), an abridged version, titles which have been revised and updated numerous times. This 1890 edition was subsequently reprinted numerous times. £45.00 [Stock No. 24995]

Small 8vo. 4.5 x 6 inches. Text also in French.Illustrated by portrait frontispiece, with tissue guard. Bound in original maroon cloth, gilt. A very good copy. Signed by author, 1927 on second free endpaper.
The wartime service on the Western Front of Edward Clarkson Potter (1862-1950), born in New York City. At the age of fifty five, he sailed from France on the Touraine, 29 December 1917. A majority of the letters are written to his daughter, Lily, but the selection also includes the text of letters and circulars received by him in France, and translations of speeches he made, all in French. At the end are documents relating to his award of the Croix de Guerre in 1919. A scarce title. £35.00 [Stock No. 24994]

FIRST EDITION. 8vo. 5.5 x 8 inches. vi + 451 pp. Title page in red and black.Decorated by publisher’s device on title page.Bound in original blue cloth, gilt, with blind stamped block on front board, in price clipped pictorial dust wrapper which has edge wear, including head and tail of spine; otherwise a very good clean copy.
Francis Brett Young (1884-1954) was born in Halesowen, Worcestershire and practised as a physician until he was invalided home from the campaign in German East Africa in 1918. He then devoted himself to a career as an author, publishing his Mercian novels, loosely based on a version of his ancestral Midlands and also travelling widely, including South Africa. This wartime verse epic is a patriotic journey through England’s history from Caesar’s raid of 55 BC to the Battle of Britain, 1940. This first trade edition was accompanied by a signed limited edition. £20.00+ [Stock No. 24993]


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